Vision and Principles


We are Gabriolans committed to stewarding our natural resources for the benefit of generations to come. Our vision is that future generations will have diverse, healthy ecosystems with access to renewable and non-renewable resources, and that individuals, and communities will experience economic prosperity, environmental quality, and social justice.

Kayaking Flat Top Islands, Photo: Anne Landry

Specifically, we envision a future in which generations to come have access to:

  • clean air and water
  • healthy, abundant, affordable sources of food
  • safe and affordable shelter
  • fossil fuel free energy
  • safe and caring communities
  • opportunities for dialogue and discussion, and
  • equitable opportunities to participate in the economic, social, cultural, and spiritual life of a vibrant, diverse, healthy ecosystem and human community.


Five Principles that guide our vision for a sustainable Gabriola:

  • A recognition of the interdependence of life in all its forms and that the decisions we make today will have a profound effect on future generations.
  • A recognition that resources are finite and that living within our resources means there are limits to growth.
  • A commitment to weigh the costs and benefits of decisions fully, including the long-term costs and benefits to future generations.
  • The belief that sustainability requires the exercise of individual rights and responsibilities in the context of the greater community good.
  • Notwithstanding that Gabriola is part of the larger world community, we believe that Gabriolans are entitled to have democratic control over decisions that impact their community.
Public access trail marker, Photo: Anne Landry