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The Gabriola Climate 12-12-12 project is a Sustainable Gabriola initiative, starting September 2022. Over the 12 months, we will present 12 wicked problems related to climate change, and bring the community together to seek 12 (and more) local solutions drawn from Gabriolans’ collective wisdom and experience.

For more info about the project, there’s a full description at the bottom of this page.

February: Health, Well-being and Climate Change

In February we will focus on the intersections between health, well-being and Climate Change. Both physical and psychological impacts of climate change will be discussed, together with how we can respond to the challenges locally.

february event: Climate Cafe thursday, February 23rd, 6 pm @ Ground Up Cafe

Join us to hear Dr. Sandra Allison (Medical Health Officer for Central Vancouver Island) speak about the local health and well-being impacts of climate change. The doors will open at 6 pm and dinner and snacks will be available. Dr. Allison will speak at 6:30 pm and there will be opportunity for questions.

From 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. we will hear several local success stories and then have discussions at each table about potential actions we can take here on Gabriola to respond to the health and well-being challenges of Climate Change.


January 2023: Indigenous Ways of Knowing

In January we focused on Indigenous ways of knowing and how they can provide insight into interconnectedness and the importance of stories in understanding climate change. Geraldine Manson, David Bodaly and Ardyth Cooper shared stories related to climate change and invited conversations with those present.

Please bring food to share with everyone and your own cutlery, dish/bowl and glass.

A background document: Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Climate Change

December 2022: rethinking waste

A focus on consumption, Gabriola’s waste and the relationship between consumption, waste and climate change.

Click to download: Climate Change and Rethinking Waste

Click to download: Brainstormed Ideas from Waste Climate Cafe

novemBER 2022: energy

The global, national and local context for energy use and the relationship between energy and climate change.

Click to download: Local Energy and Climate Change factsheet

Click to download Brainstormed ideas from Energy Climate Cafe

OCTOBER 2022: Food security

A focus on Gabriola’s food systems and food security, and how it is being affected by climate change.

Click to view: Summary of ideas from Food Security events

Click to download: Local Food Security & Climate Change factsheet

September 2022: Local Terrestrial Ecosystems

A focus on Gabriola’s land-based ecosystems, and how they are being affected by climate change.

Click to download: Local Terrestrial Ecosystems factsheet

Click to view page: Brainstormed ideas from Sept. Climate Café
or download (PDF): Brainstorming from Sept. Climate Café

About Gabriola Climate 12-12-12

The Gabriola Climate 12-12-12 project is a Sustainable Gabriola initiative that begins in September 2022 and will run for 12 months. 

Our focus is “local impacts, local solutions,” with the aim of countering the general hopelessness and helplessness many Gabriolans feel in the face of the global climate crisis. 

Gabriola Climate 12-12-12 will, over 12 months, present 12 wicked problems related to climate change, and seek 12 (and more) local solutions drawn from Gabriolans’ collective wisdom and experience.

Our topics are drawn from the 2010 Gabriola Community Sustainability Plan (PDF, 38 pages), with themes such as ecosystems, food, waste, transportation, water, and community well-being, all to be examined through a climate lens. We will highlight the many local successes we’ve already had in meeting these impacts, and bring aware and concerned locals together at our events to create more Gabriola-made solutions. 

We’ll have announcements in the Sounder, by email, and on social media each month announcing the coming topic, and inviting you to that month’s events for information on, and discussion of, local solutions for adaptation and mitigation.

We can’t solve a global climate crisis at the local Gabriola level, but there is much we can do, as individuals and as a community, to mitigate and adapt, to make our own lives more active and hopeful, and perhaps to set an example for the world! 

the Gabriola Climate Working Group (Fay Weller, Joan Johnson, Steve Earle, Greg Blee) 

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